Dr. Amy Kim (PSY28181) is a licensed clinical psychologist who earned her B.A. from Columbia University in NYC and M.A. and Psy.D. from Pepperdine University. She has extensive experience working with adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, emotion regulation, eating disorders and addictions. Dr. Kim has trained at numerous universities including UCLA, USC, UC Santa Cruz and LMU, and is skilled at helping people with the challenges of being present in today’s fast-paced, pressured and often stressful world. As a mindfulness expert, Dr. Kim frequently presents at corporations and organizations to help professionals cultivate mindfulness in their lives.

Therapy with Dr. Kim focuses on reducing negative symptoms while exploring issues related to identity (cultural, sexual, career, life transitions) and relationships (peers, intimates, family) to promote a more authentic experience of oneself. Dr. Amy Kim helps people to discover who they are at their core by exploring the very issues that are blocking their true nature. Her work approach integrates psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and mindfulness approaches. Additionally, she is able to work with people from a deeply spiritual perspective to enhance well-being and increase purpose and meaning in one’s life.

Dr. Kim also specializes in treating body image issues and the full gamut of disordered eating and exercise, from eating disorders to subclinical disordered eating rife with stress, low self-esteem and perpetual struggle. Her evidence-based eating disorder treatment is rooted in a comprehensive sociocultural understanding, and draws from the principles of Intuitive Eating, Health at Every Size (HAES) and Isabel Foxen Duke. Dr. Kim believes that every person is capable of living free from bondage to body/food issues and is effective in helping people get there. 

Dr. Kim is a consultant for Science 37, a clinical trials organization in Playa Vista that provides greater access to cutting-edge treatments through the use of technology. 



Dr. Todd Adamson (PSY23750) is a licensed clinical psychologist who earned his B.A. from The University of Georgia and M.A. and Psy.D. from California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant. He has extensive experience helping adolescents, families and adults on a range of issues including depression, anxiety, life transitions and relationships.

Dr. Adamson helps people to think and relate in new ways that are more balanced and realistic. He also helps people change dysfunctional patterns of communicating with family, partners and co-workers, and provides effective strategies that result in deeper and more meaningful relationships. Dr. Adamson also helps those who have experienced trauma regain a sense of control and peace.  

His work with families and teens is based on evidence-based practices and includes Parent Management Training (PMT), which provides parents with clear and proven techniques to change teen behaviors. He is also certified by the UCLA PEERS Clinic to provide social skills training interventions for teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, social anxiety and depression. All work with teens includes close collaboration with parents, teachers, academic tutors, and other key figures in a teen’s life.

Dr. Adamson works in a collaborative and practical way, and treatment is tailored to the individual and family. He utilizes an integrative approach, incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), family systems and mindfulness. 

Dr. Adamson is the Associate Medical Director of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Science 37.

For additional information, please visit  www.drtoddadamson.com.